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New Article on Matador Change

One of my trips to an orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico featured on Matador Change: click here.


Flor said...

Really nice! :)

Mark Walters said...

Dominic, busser Mark from Islands here. Reading your article on the orphanage in Mexico gave me a reassuring feeling about how I had already viewed you as a human being in the small time period that I have known you. That is that you are an insightful, truly kind, well educated, curious, humble, and someone that much can be learned from. You are leaving for the big C--- in a couple of hours, and I have just walked home from a long night at Islands with you so I only had energy to read that one article, but I promise I will do much much more when I find the time! And enjoy your week in the country I am almost fearing to type the name of on the World Wide Web for your own safety. But Im sure you know where I'm talking about! Cheers!

Dominic said...

From Corazon de Vida:


Nice article on Casa de Paz. For donations, you may want to mention that monetary contributions can be made through Corazon de Vida for Casa de Paz. More people would feel more comfortable routing the money through a non profit and also for a tax deduction. 90% of all funds that go through CDV will for forwarded to the orphanage. 10% is used for processing, bank, admin fees and application charges that get applied when donations are made online.

One time donations can be made via this link, noting Casa de Paz in the I Would Like to Sponsor section:

Thank you for raising awareness of the need in Baja.


George R. Perez
Corazón de Vida Foundation