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The Best Payaso In The World

The old city of Mvd (Ciudad Vieja) feels much like San Telmo of Buenos Aires. Old (in case that wasn't clear), rustic, historic, full of tourists at times, full of poor people at all times, real, artsy, and on the weekends festivals flair up. Although here the scene is a bit different - here's a video that I had to take:

The most important part of the day for me, bar none, was meeting Antonio. He plays the flute, says hi to kids and people, and has a great spirit about him along the walking street of Ciudad Vieja. Oh ya, he paints his face in various colors. Point being, I got to speaking with him and he is one hell of a guy. Probably 45 years old, he has been doing this in various countries for a long time it appears. Not sure if he has a home, where he comes from, or any of his history - but I know that I will be asking him to lunch, or for a mate (Mah-Tay) session soon to get his story.

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