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Pocitos, Montevideo

I need to show you guys what I see before going to sleep each night...the view from my balcony.

Last night I saw a more affluent neighborhood of MVD, Pocitos. This place had bars and nightclubs similar to those I would expect to see in the States, or any other first world nation. We sat for a few hours drinking $3.50 beers (yeah, seriously, and they weren’t liter bottles either) and listening to music by Billy Joel to Jamiroqui. Pocitos is a very clean, safe, comfortable place – it’s not one of my favorite areas. But definitely a place that shows potential to have some careless fun.

Today I interviewed with Berlitz (located next to Plaza de Independencia - shown on the right) to start teaching...for 4 dollars an hour. Well, I knew it wasn’t for the money, so that’s OK. Just about meeting more people. Later the first Spanish lesson with Juan – a fifty year old Argentine who has called Uruguay his home for the past eight years. He is going to be a good one in getting this Gringo-ism out of me.

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