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The Language Hill

I think I might have hit a bit of a lull in my Spanish improvement. Friends I have made here are now giving me that strange looking face, as if they are saying, "What is the dude trying to say." It hurts to see the expression - each time I feel the prick.

But I have to believe that this is the normal route of becoming fluent (which I will become) - there ups and downs with language. I haven't done any formal research on the subject, but I am positive on it. Or maybe I am just positive that I'm in the dip of the learning language curve.

So, in order to make myself feel better, I challenged Mr. Antonio the Payaso to a contest. It's something that a good friend of mine, Natasha, and I do when travelling together - imitate statues. Sounds lame, I know. But just wait, it gets even lamer...

Antonio trying to imitateimitating poses for photos the doll left in the Plaza de Independencia:

Come on. You can't tell me that I didn't nail the pose. Right?

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