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Mussel Empanadas - Punta del Diablo

I can't travel anywhere in Uruguay without tasting the local empanadas. I would feel as though I were cheating the new location. Punta del Diablo did not disappoint with its fisherman village offerings.

This town is mellow, very mellow until right about now (when the summer vacation-ing starts). The restaurants begin to open up (they are permanently closed most of the year), more people walk the dirt roads, and the "for rent" signs surely come down at some point - or maybe not. But the homes are full of tourists.

punta del diablo residents locals

The Uruguyan couple to the left is about to move out of their home for the summer season.

But enough of the words, here are some more pics from the weekend (below and at this link).

Punta del Diablo beach vacation

Punta del Diablo boat fisherman angle beach


KNM said...

you tricked me... I thought there was going to be pics and details about the empanada...

Dominic said...

I know I know. I got distracted!