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Public Transportation

Way back during the first weeks in town, a new friend invited me to their house for lunch. With my arduous schedule I shifted my day's tasks around to attend the lunch, but I managed to stop by for a few moments (heavy sarcasm used here).

A poster in the bedroom caught my eye - "El Metro de Uruguay" it read. I had been in the city for long enough to find out about the public transportation routes, but I had completely missed the metro system underground. I was baffled. My friend let me think this for the next few minutes until I finally realized that the metro doesn't exist in Montevideo - just buses.

Some of these buses equipped with Wi-Fi (why?). The bus drivers consistently insist on you grabbing a ticket (not for his sake, but for your's if an inspector comes on the bus). And today came another perplexing public transportation moment with the new bus CA1 the city just introduced. It is a beautifully new modern outfit, great tunes like Billy Joel rocking, and is a pleasure to sit in compared with all of the other older busses.

But of course the traveler pays for this comfort and luxuriousness...less. The ride on these sleek shuttles is half of the fare for the normal 1980's rides. I am going to figure this one out...due to gas consumption? Less stops (no)? We shall see.

Only two empanadas today...I was slacking.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it is cheaper because it is a short distance bus. Very short, only from Plaza Independencia to Tres Cruces bus terminal, and back. And they want you to take your tickets because they have to do that, is their duty to do so and they are orderered to and fined if they dont.This is to avoid the driver riding for free all his friends, cousins, neighbours, old schoolmates, old neighbours, you know, it is a little city and everybody knows everybody. This was very common some years ago.Also if they take your money and do not give you the ticket surely your money will end in the drivers wallet and never will go to the bus company.That is what is usually named "viveza criolla",ask your argentine teacher, argentines master that art and I am sure he has lots of stories to tell you about that.
Best regards,

Dominic said...

Thanks for your answers!

I was told that the driver was not fined? I will make sure to ask the drivers next time I am your answer seems very logical. And I will definitely ask Juan about the vivez criolla.

Thanks Mau, good stuff!

ecotectura uruguay said...

try the new "montevideo" ticket...
you have to ask for it that way. it s 19 pesos, but u can take 2 buses in 2 hs. only exception the same line in the return way. saludos, carlos