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Carnival Times in Montevideo...Delayed

I feel like I just got back from Rio for some reason. Perhaps because the image of large bodies in almost no clothing won't leave the memory banks. Maybe because I fell in love with samba music and have been listening to the music here in Montevideo.

Or it could be the fact that people in Montevideo are in love with Carnival times. From what I have been hearing/reading, they celebrate Carnival for 40 days - the longest Carnival in the world. Below is a picture from past party times:

Carnaval Montevideo Murga
The inaugurational parade was set to begin yesterday, but was rained out. The Uruguayans looked at the weather forecast, noted that today and Saturday would be rainy, so now Sunday is the day.

SUNDAY is the day. At 6 p.m. here the carnival will start. And at 9 p.m. here the Super Bowl will be shown. Oh what a SUNDAY. Carnival and American football. What could be a stranger mix of entertainment?

american football


KNM said...

That's cool that they air the Super Bowl, I wouldnt have thought that they would so far away, and since it is such an American sport...

Dominic said...

Ya, it was nice to see the game - besides losing some money on it. A few years ago I saw a Super Bowl on television in Argentina as's becoming a habit of mine apparently. But the commercials are sorely lacking here!