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Backstreet Boys in Montevideo

murga montevideo carnival carnaval
And the above photo is not them - that is a great murga group. Last night I went to my first show featuring murga, humorista, and parodista groups. Carnival here is comprised of a few styles - each group competing for first place every year.

Some of the groups: Murga (singers), Humoristas (singers,dancers,jokesters), Parodistas (singers, dancers, based on parodies), Lubolos (Candombe players), Revistas (I haven't seen them yet), etc.

Back to the Backstreet Boys. The parodista groups are apparently known for having the best looking men/boys - chicks dig them here of course. I knew this before their act started, so I was expecting to see some dudes that lit up the stage. And I did see this on the stage, but in a flaming way. These boys/men were extremely feminine. I'm referring to the level you see with Madonna's male dancers surrounding her in videos...but without the professional moves or the dark skin. I was so surprised that I had my mouth open the whole act and forgot to take pictures. That last sentence is a bit too vague, but you know what I mean.

It was a night to learn a few of the styles of Montevideo's Carnival. It was a night of questioning the Uruguayan girls' tastes in men. And it was a night when I understood perhaps 10% of what the groups were singing or making jokes about - whether due to my Spanish or the fact that I am not caught up on politics, all of the traditions in Uruguay, or all of the slang sayings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dominic! it is lubolos, not ludobos. Lubolo means a white man with a black make up, a white man characterized as a black man. So if you paint your face with some coal and go on parade playing the drums with the afrodescendants you become a lubolo
Best regards!

Dominic said...

Hey Mau! Thanks for keeping me in line!


Anonymous said...

ja, ja, ja.
Hi, I'm uruguayan girl living in Canada. I can read in English but I can't write well, so I will to write in Spanish..ok?
Te respondo a tu pregunta de que les gusta a las chicas en Uruguay: hasta los 18 puede ser que les guste chicos como los que salen en los parodistas, después te juro que no!
Realmente entiendo que no disfrutes del carnaval como lo hacemos nosotros, eso me pasa a mi aqui en Quebec con el Festival Juste pour rire (Just for laughs) puedo entender el francés pero no la gracia de los chistes.

Dominic said...

Ahh, so it really is like the Backstreet Boys! The young girls are enthralled with the Parodistas until they come of age...thanks for the clarification!

Y gracias por la correcion segun otro tema. Espero que nadie lo notaría!

Rosana said...

De nada!
Seguramente nadie se dió cuenta ;)