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The Inaugural Montevideo Carnival Parade Results

Montevideo Carnival Carnaval
Weren't expecting to see a Carnival parade vision like this right? Nor was I. I felt like Rick Sherman (a local old dude who plays music in Newport Beach, California) was walking in a hometown parade. But I still loved seeing this guy above.

The Montevideo Carnival parade was nothing spectacular, as a few friends warned me ahead of time. Perhaps it was because I wasn't at all inebriated? Or because it wasn't at night? Or, sad to say, Rick Sherman was cruising around.

But in the same note, it was great to get a glimpse of what will be thrown at Montevideo in the month of February. Seems like there is something going on every night or day - a Murga, a Llamada (Candombe drums), and many other types of acts and the disco dancers yesterday shaking their stuff. I was looking for a Travolta-like performer but couldn't locate him:

Montevideo Carnival Carnaval

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