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More Time Orientation Talk #1

I am not going to say anything...I will merely try to paint the picture. I am in a housing material store. I mention to one of the workers, upon leaving, that the ticket dispenser they have nailed to the wall could hurt someone passing by (it extended about 1.5 feet with a sharp metal pad and was located at eye level on a corner of the wall where people enter the office...just waiting for someone in a rush cutting the corner to tightly).

He agreed, somewhat, then two other workers came over. The group stood there looking at the ominous gadget beckoning to poke someone's vision out for 20 minutes. Discussing where it should go, what would happen if a client were hurt, should they put signs around, etc. After these twenty minutes (which is about how long it would have taken to remove the four nails in the wail with the dispenser, and then nail it on the other side of the door frame in a completely safe area), we said our goodbyes. I left, they returned to work, and the dispenser held its ground.

And I laughed. This is Uruguay. I arrive at appointments/meetings at least ten minutes late. I don't expect to make plans week's ahead of time...or even days for that matter. I am Uruguayanizing myself as best I can.


Rosana said...

Pero no todos los uruguayos somos impuntuales. A algunos nos gusta llegar en hora. A otros (mi esposo por ejemplo) le gusta llegar 10 min. ANTES a todos lados.
Hay de todo "como en la viña del Señor" ya conocés la expresión, no?

Dominic said...

Hola Rosana! Si, yo escribí sobre la cultura en general. Anoche, por ejemplo, un amigo uruguayo me dijo en conversacion, "...y no tengo tiempo para este...." Me quedé bastante impresionado! Hay de todo sin duda!!
Debo ver esta pelicula? No la he visto.