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On the Road to Colonia, Uruguay

Colonia, Uruguay is a colonial (go figure) town on the southern side of Uruguay. It is a quick trip from Buenos Aires, Argentina; hence many Argentines choose this spot for a short weekend trip. I had heard a lot about Colonia - it's beauty, great location, etc. So I had to visit.

Colonial is a beautiful touristy town with rocky colonial streets...but nothing too special. It was a quick trip and I didn't have the chance to get a feel for the locals (although in a touristy town it is hard to do sometimes). And on top of that the prices in the town were obnoxiously high. More on Colonia later...

biggest pencil collection in world guiness world record holderOne of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting this ranch on the side of the highway. The owner quickly informed me that he had the biggest collection of the world. I had to see it. Over 11,000 unique pencils are in this museum full of bottle openers, cans, matchboxes, old currencies, and more. I can now happily say that I have seen this magnificent masterpiece.

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Anonymous said...

I went to see that same collection of pencils on my way to Colonia maybe 10 years ago. Great memories! Thanks :)
(I've been living in the US for about 7 yrs now, so this is a treat!).