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Time Orientation and Politics

Frente Amplia Astori La Teja
My friend invited me to their neighborhood's rally for one of the three candidates of the Frente Amplio political party. This is one of the 3 major political parties in Uruguay (the party of the current president as well), so I figured that the turnout would be an interesting one in a small barrio. It was. The rally was set for 6PM. The above picture was taken at 6:15PM. Classic.

Astori politics uruguay montevideoBut Astori came and spoke...about how he was for the normal Joe. He was for the people and he really liked talking and connecting with people. Clearly this has been his criticism so far.

And yes, that is a picture of Che on the flag in the background.


Leti said...

A simple correction: Frente AmpliO (masculino)

Dominic said...

Thank you Leti. It is now a manly forehead.