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El Abrojo Again

Not the clearest picture, but there it is...the Abrojo plant (the spiny sharp part of it anyways). I wrote about the El Abrojo school a few months ago, but via the blog I didn't explain why the school chose this name. They took their El Abrojo name due to this plant's spiny fruit (as seen in the picture) that is known to stick to peoples' clothes...and continue with the carrier on his journey in life.

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Anonymous said...

No solo en la ropa... cuando era chica con mis amigas solíamos jugar a tirarlos en nuestro pelo!!!Je, je, je! Imagínate...todo un desastre pero muy divertido, aunque tan solo por un momento, después llegaba la hora de quitarlo sin tener que utilizar la tijera...

Esta palabra quiere decir "aperi oculos": abre los ojos