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No Part Wasted with the Vaca

I am surprised that I haven't seen a plate with four giant hooves sticking up at the eater.

And if this plate does exist here, I am confident that they are some great tasting least for the people who are into eating a hoof or two.

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Scott Jones said...

We spent a week in Uruguay back in late 2001. One night we had dinner at a nice steakhouse in one of the shopping malls in Montevideo - came highly recommended. Thinking we would get a sampler of various steaks, we ordered the "Parilla Completa", which turned out to be a variety of grilled beef parts & lots of insides - YUM (not).
While eating a particularly interesting sausage i asked the waiter (us very little Spanish - him no English)Que es eso?
His reply - Sangria. I didn't quite get it until he gestured with a cutting motion across his wrist and simulated blood spurting out - Sangria!
Upon explaining to my wife, we were done with our meal.
From then on, if there is something we don't care for, the expression to one another is - "It's better than blood!"