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Valle del Hilo de la Vida - Minas Uruguay

It’s a tiny stream in the hills outside of town named Minas. Valle del Hilo de la Vida funnels down a hill that looks like a crescent moon if viewed above from the sky. It was a ritual area for the people of Uruguay thousands of years ago; remnants of this are shown by the many rock towers built on the moon’s hillside. The visitor is taken through a short history, shown that similar rock towers exist in many other locations of the world, and most interestingly is exposed to new ideas for the history of Uruguay’s land.

An extremely friendly, engaging and knowledgeable husband and wife own the land, and come out to their Montevideo-get-away every weekend to enjoy their paradise – when people visit the couple is more than happy to show it off as well for a mere 100 pesos per person. They are not looking to make the tour a big business, but rather to expose their Uruguayan people and others to the idea that there is a different history than previously thought…and apparently still taught in school.

They can be contacted at 099 66 30 84 to coordinate a visit.


Anonymous said...

No conocía esta historia.
Pero si conozco Minas y el entorno de las sierras que es realmente hermoso.

Dominic said...

Estoy de senti muy comodo a ver las sierras. Hace mucho tiempo que no he visto sierras.