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Estación Pedrera - Canelones

Probably thinking that I was another Uruguayan hungry for some vaca flavors, this cow was staring me down like no one's business. But I wasn't in this small town, Estación Pedrera of Canelones, in search of my next meal.

Carmen, the director of Vivi Uruguay, showed me around: the town's grocery store which doubles as a bar and where all the community's information/news is found; the church; the school; the former Nazi farm across the road; and then the trash.

It's a simple little town needing funding for better schools, a medical establishment, a better trash system, more work for it's young people, and more of a future essentially. For an insight into traditional Uruguayan food, customs, and the revered Gaucho, contact Visit the town. Get to know another Uruguay. And tell the nervous cow that he is safe...for now.

Onto the Gauchos encountered in the town and it's surroundings next...


Randy Furco said...


Anonymous said...

Linda foto, del gaucho con su perro ovejero.
Me recuerda a mis tíos que siempre vivieron en el campo. Guachos de los antes!

Dominic said...

Gauchos de los antes - me gusta este dicho! Gracias!