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Tango on UNESCO World Heritage List

Apparently the United Nations has declared the sultry tango dance steps of Argentina and Uruguay part of the world's "intangible cultural heritage". Way to go guys! But where was Tango started from? It's history seems a bit muddled - earlier written references to "tango" are found from Cuba and Spain (or so Wikipedia states).

But either way, this is an intense dance that I tried for one night...quickly realizing that this was not my genre. But watching it, on the other hand, I am completely entranced. I had my first and only lesson in Patagonia, Argentina around a campfire on a hiking trek. The leader of the group, Guido, let the group in on what the tango is all about. The dancing couple is so intimate, but yet so distanced. It will be for a short time only, so pervades the coldness. Its passion, desire, and a lot of other things that I honestly don't feel that I have a grasp on yet (when speaking of Tango).

Just another piece of the puzzle on my learning agenda for Uruguay...

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j5j2002 said...

You are so right Dominator. Tango is the coolest dance ever. It's just that butch yanks like us don't seem to be able to do it well. But don't let that stop ya tryin'. Jim