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What is Going On?

I don't mean to turn the blog into a political one, but that is what is on my mind lately...please bare with me for a bit.

I read this in The Economist a few days ago: Uruguay’s Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a law that grants amnesty to military officials accused of murders and disappearances during the country’s dictatorship of 1973-85. The ruling came only days before an October 25th referendum on whether to scrap the law.

So I immediately (and excitedly) went to talk with a good Uruguayan friend of mine on the subject.

'How stoked are you?'
'There is a lot of work to still be done.'

The conversation continued and according to them, and a few other things I have now read, the law is still in effect. This situation was only referring to one particular case. Ouch.

Oh yeah, there were not enough pink cards voted with to annul this law.

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Anonymous said...

OUCH! It is what my heart feels any time that I think the law is still working!