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Uruguayan Article Just Published

Dos and Dont's of Uruguay spelled out. Do you agree? Disagree? Check out the article here.


Alfonso said...

I generally agree with your comments about the country, but there are some parts I would like to correct:

1) when you say that Montevideo is stuck in the past about the music. It is true that uruguayans are in general very nostalgic and there are radio stations and places and the noche de la nostalgia where they play old songs and stuff, but it is only one part of the whole picture. I don't think it's something of the everyday uruguayan person, at least not the entire day xD

2) About the planchas and pasta base. Althought it's true that many thieves and robbers are planchas, you can't generalise saying that "planchas are people who consume pasta base and steal you" and things like that.

But with the other parts of the article I'm pretty satisfied xD

Dominic said...

Hey Alfonso,

Thanks for your input!!! Much appreciated.