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To Drink the Water or Not

I did it today. Admittedly I was a bit desparate, but I did it. The setting: I am in Parque Rodo (a nice neighborhood outside of the city center) at my tutor's apartment/school. It was 5PM, and I had just sat down at the table to begin going over how the weekend was blah blah blah. Then it hit me: I had forgotten to drink water the whole day, and actually hadn't eaten that much either - I was light headed and couldn't focus on the lesson.

"Juan, could I ask you for a glass of water? I am dying of thirst." But when the water came to me, I immediately realized that this was not bottled "safe" water...this was the real thing. I took a few sips (for the lesson's sake so I could concentrate), then continued on with Juan. About a minute later I looked over to the glass and noticed DNA type strands floating around in the glass - and not just a few of them.

Well, sooner or later I needed to accustom my system with the bacteria down here - might as well have been today...the seventh day of my stay.



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Alejandra said...

Hi Dominic...!! it´s funny your comment, but don´t worry, our water is safety enough for your organism!!
The water company is really good and we don´t have any water related diseases since XIX century. Just drink not bottled water!! hehe :)
And your teacher don´t know how to wash the glasses...hehe

Dominic said...

Ya Alejandra, you are right. Super clean water worries on that one. Must have been the teach?