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The Bus Stop

First things first: I can either call myself a local now, or a worry-wart (is that spelled correctly, and did I actually just type that into the keyboard?). I choose the former - and I feel 100% healthy, even with the H20-DNA strands ingested. It was 4:40PM this evening while I waited for the #117 bus to my tutor's neighborhood. The lesson was scheduled for 5:00PM, and I was getting a little ancy for this bus to arrive. But then I something caught my eye, relieving me of any angst. Did I just see that? There is no way he will do it again. Click on the play button to see:

It all began when the street dog walked up to the area, sat down, and started to maintain himself in the lower region. But not satisfied with this cleaning via the mouth, he had to take it further. And he did it twice...very thankfully.

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