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Montevideo Empanadas - Today's Count: 7

I have to start rating my days, among other things, by the amount of empanadas I consume here in Montevideo. Today, not even thinking about it, I ate seven empanadas - lunch, dinner, and an after dinner snack. I know - I have already posted about these tantalizingly tasty treats, and I have included a picture as well. But in case you forgot...

tasty empanada in montevideo
First I stopped by Mafalda's empanada restaurant for a midday meal (had three of them). Just before I went to my tutor's apartment at 5:15PM, I had to visit La Taberna del Diablo for my favorite Calabresa empanada...and a few others. I also had to get my professor a Calabresa - just not right that he hadn't tasted this gift of grinds.

And again, without thinking, along the walk down the peatonal sarandi street I found myself in a little store buying a cold cheese and olive empanada. I am addicted. I can't stop myself - I don't want to stop myself. I decided today that I might have to talk with one of these owners and ask to do some grunt work during my empanada internship. Empanada, empanada, empanada.

Oh, and the empanadas didn't hurt my Nativa 10Km training either - ran 8Kms tonight. The race is this Saturday...hopefully I will be there. Hasta manaña.

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