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Joe Montana Meets the Best Lawn Bowler in Parque Rodo, Montevideo

Today I see two kids throwing an American football in a park...and not throwing it very well. So my friend, Isabel (who rocks; she was playing around with me saying I was on her Montevideo tour), and I are walking past these throwers. I chalantly ask if I can throw the football (it has already been way too long since I have thrown something).

His buddy is about 30 or so feet away. I toss the ball to him - nothing fancy, a fairly tight spiral, and all done. I wish Isabel would have captured the expression on his (and his friends') face. He immediately yelled out, "Hey, can you throw another one please!!!"

The kids were amazed how the ball was leaving my hand. It's times like these that I sit back and realize how utterly simple it is to enjoy little things while traveling. Or realize what I have learned thus far in life as a given isn't so in many other places.

After this I noticed some old guys sitting next to a playing field of sorts. Isabel led the way, as this was her tour, and I fell into conversation with one of the Uruguayan-Lawn-Bowlers. Isabel took this without me knowing...apparently my hands are getting very used to moving around while I speak.

Parqué Rodo - the Sunday market. If you are in town, and looking to buy clothes at good prices, and good quality, make sure to hit this place up. Also on Sundays is another huge market off the 18 de Julio street called "Tristan Navarjo".

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just enjoying reading how you discover Uruguay/Montevideo... Glad to know you've found some friendly locals to show you around a bit.

Just wanted to say that the fleamarket's name is "Tristan Narvaja", just so people don't end up on the wrong place!

Btw, I love empanadas as well! Hope you can find someone to teach how to make them so you can enjoy them wherever you travel.