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The Local Drunk

No, not me. There is this 40 year old guy that hangs out on my street. He drinks from a large soda bottle - it must be filled with wine. He yells. He points. He smiles. He makes many gestures. All of them are incomprehensible - whether in English or Spanish or Human.

I just returned from a for next Saturday and I still lack 6KMs worth of strength. But that is another story.

I am about a block away from my place, so I slow down to a walk. There he is walking towards me. We are about 10 feet away from each other, and he casually lifts up the hand that is not hold the wine-soda. He gives me a walk-by high five like we were old school friends.

I think I am hanging out on the streets too much. But then again, this is some classic stuff...and I am off to a local artisan show tonight due to my street connections. Brilliant stuff...

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