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Foreign Thoughts

I realized it today, a few hours ago, as I was speaking with someone about trying to find the best empanadas in Montevideo. It was clear, and it was pretty cool. I am starting to set into life here.

Painting the picture...when I was describing my mission and asking where I should go on this mission, they weren't giving me the usual what-is-this-gringo-trying-to-say-in-Spanish look. They were understanding, and loving my enthusiasm.

But that isn't what really got me thinking. I was pulling the Italian/Argentine/Uruguay/Latin manuevers of widely and exaggeratingly using my hands when talking. I even put my fingers together and kissed off a thought - no, I swear. I didn't realize that I was doing until I walked away. Classic, I rule (entered before I read the comments coming on this)...maybe not but I thoroughly enjoyed the moment...

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