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Further Mate Lessons

Like I have stated before - I love the stuff. Whether it be for the taste (very unique and acquired) or for the tradition of sharing a session with others, it has been giving me enjoyable encounters off and on for the past four years. I even wrote about it ages ago. But today came thundering down a comment that made a lot of sense - too much sense actually.

My all-knowing and sincerely serene teacher, Juan (the Italian/Argentine), let me in on his thoughts after declaring that he doesn't like drinking mate with others.

"What, that is the best part!" I exclaimed.

'Sure it is, but I saw a documentary ages ago that showed the saliva left in the bombilla [metal straw] between drinkers. After that I could not share my mate with anyone outside of good friends and family. Especially with herpes worries and such.'

I think I shivered as I sat with my mate, soaking in this new information. Man I hope I don't have herpes.

I would never have, and never would, share my mate with this lady who Antonio is humoring - even before this mate lesson. I do have some mate standards thank you very much.

1 comment:

Meckenna said...

i can't stop snickering at this.... it's not funny dom, i swear. except for that it is.