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Not So Third World

I remember reading an article a few months ago touching upon the terms Third World and First World. The view of the article was that this theory is outdated. There are countries that do not fit into either one of these categories in our present times. For example, how do you put an impoverished, corrupt country (too put it mildly) like Chad and then a country like Uruguay in the same category of Third World?

More specifically, do you picture seeing people jogging on a boardwalk next to a beach for their normal evening work outs in a Third World country? I don't.

OK, the real reason for this entry is much smaller in scope and importance: the Nativa race is tonight (10 kilometers). I am a bit "tentative" to run this evening. I haven't been training this week (or the weeks before this week if you are curious) due to blisters erupting on Monday, I am going to my first Uruguayan asado (sweet!! can't wait!!) today, and will be a bloated figure when I start running. Should be interesting with my goal being to run in under 50 minutes. But rain is in the forecast...who knows, perhaps the higher powers will save me for a day.

Any takers on a wager on the finishing time being under 50 minutes? Odds are 3:1. Call my bookie, Johnny K, if you want to bet against the bloated boy.


Jeff Fracalosy said...

playing hoops with Dom is way cooler than jogging though...
I totally agree with the gray area I don't like that exist on this subject
I miss you Dom
come home soon
jeff frac

Dominic said...

I didn't reach my goal of 50 minutes. Will give the details later. I should have been playing basketball, agreed Jeff.