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Happy Bird Day!

Not sure if I will be able to write later today, so I wanted to send my warmest regards and thoughts out to everywhere (mostly to the States as this is something we celebrate...the Canadians do it on another day). Enjoy this evening.

Concerning the blog, I will be updating the links with more useful information on Uruguay life, connections, and thoughts. Entertaining, informative, intriguing, riveting, life-altering, shocking, unforgettable, etc - some of the adjectives that I want this blog described as (give or take a few of them).

I am having chicken tonight with some American friends and others - close enough to turkey right? Give me a break please...

1 comment:

Ali said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Junior misses his Uncle Dom. (I have a feeling Junior's daddy does, too).
Chat with you soon.
Take care!