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We Aren't the Only Ones Who Say "Bro"

I had a hardy chuckle today. Yes, I am tired (as you can see with the word usage on the previous sentence). Juan, the Argentine/Italian/Rock Star tutor, and I were in another one of our amusing conversational lessons. We started to speak about how I still needed a Uruguayan bank account...and to go get it at Banco Republica de Uruguay (BROU for short). They pronounce it, "Brooo" more or less. I loved it - had to pass it onto my bros back home and in Australia.

This evening's episode:
About four years ago, in Bariloche, Argentina, I hung out at a hostel for about a month. I made a good Argentine friend. Every night we would split a (few) bottle of wine and end up yelling at the top of our lungs, "Des-a-fort-una-damente (disfortunately)." My buddy went on to be a disc jockey at a top radio station in Buenos Aires - thanks to his voice, not the wine moments.

But I digress - after I was at the hostel a few weeks, the hostel owner invited my friend and me to dinner in the hostel. I witnessed the makings of an orgy (or so I thought with a few girls touching the owner, and vice versa during the dinner), and definitely felt a cult-ish vibe in the air. After dinner, the crew went into the backroom and my buddy confirmed the next day that indeed an orgy was entertained.

This evening, sitting with Antonio El Payaso, I fell into conversation with an Australian couple (probably in their forties, traveling around South Amercica for the first time). Man, this entry is longer than I expected -'s late for me and I babble at this point.

They had just arrived from Argentina, and told me that they loved Bariloche, and brought up their hostel because it was so comfortable, and on top of a 14 story building with gorgeous views...but had a strange owner who consistently manhandled a few girls 'innocently' during odd times. We then spoke in detail about the place - the world is so small sometimes. Good to know the that the cult is happy and still functioning I guess right? Perhaps not, but I loved being back in Bariloche for a second...


mortdog23 said...

Great post - love the blog. Thinking about visiting montevideo - will be checking in frequently for your take on the local mood.

Dominic said...

Thanks for visiting mortdog23 - and if you have any specific questions just let me know. Ciao.