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House Party - Montevideo Style

Time Orientations: I am still figuring out this one here. Sure, latin blood is in the thick of the game - things are late. Dinner at 11PM - sure. Business hours not really kicking into gear until 9AM or so - yep. OK, how about when someone says that they will meet you at a certain time. Do they show up on time, a bit early in case something unforseen (sp?) happens, or are they late?

I invited a few friends, and some of their friends, over to my small pad in Ciudad Vieja (which I will be using much more often to invite friends over - this place rocks!!). Earlier in the week it was known that at 930PM the fiesta-ing would be begin. The first group of friends to arrive, besides my buddy Antonio (Payaso) who I was already hanging out with, came at around 10:30PM.

The main point being, however: We had a much so that we didn't want to leave the confines to go hit the street. Thoroughly enjoyed times - whether English, Cuban Spanish, or Gringo was spoken (and yes, the group was having fun with my pronunciations).

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everybody is having fun! Looks like you have a lot of goodies to eat on the table too! Keep up the good American tradition...feeding your guests!