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I thought I was Italian

I've grown up in the States and I've been asked frequently of my Italian which I always affirmed and stood up for. But truth being told, I am just as much Irish as I am Italian...and then throw in some American Indian and German. I think. But nonetheless I hold onto my Sicilian blood very tightly.

Juan (my tutor) is from Argentina; has lived in Uruguay for the past eight years while forming a few different language schools and running a stellar business model. Point being though, Juan is a third generation Argentine - wait, that's not the point but I am getting there. Here he is:


1) Juan has much more right to be proud of his Italian heritage (all of his maternal and paternal grandparents arrived from Italy to Argentina) - I am merely an imposter.

2) If you are one of those who think that generally all Mexicans look like Peruvians who look like Argentines, rethink that guess - it's embarrassing.

I didn't have time to train today, and it is now time for me to head to the walking street for my nightly mate session with Antonio and the passing gente. Until tomorrow...

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