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Nikon D40X Comes Alive

It's 2AM here right now. I am catching a bus tomorrow morning (early) to take a Spanish lesson in my tutor's coastal town of Atlantida. I should be sleeping.

I just realized, after staring at my screen that for the past hour I have been enamored with my shots from tonight. Finally, I repeat, finally I have figured out CV enough to be comfortable with my vida (camera). Tonight I snapped some shots of what I have been looking at for the past two weeks with Antonio and Fabian, my buddies on Peatonal Sarandi street...

OK, I have to get my buddies in this post because tonight was a solid mate session of Fabian giving his takes on Canadians (very positive) and the fact that Argentines have absolutely no idea how to drink their mate. Oh ya, and Antonio was playing the flute like I have never heard before.

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