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Ciudad Vieja (CV)

Is it bad that I feel like throwing my wrapper on the street when walking through parts of CV (amongst a sufficient amount of litter)? I didn't do it though, I promise.

cuidad vieja on the peatonal sarandi
OK, so here it is not the cleanest part of town. Nor is it the safest. Nor does it offer the best parks or beach that Montevideo claims (although beaches here are nothing to stay in this part of Uruguay for).

But it has character. It has history along with its Masonic architecture. It has a fountain (that sounds weak). It's a walking street and plazas. This is my home here in Montevideo.

And today, for the first time, I ventured out with my real camera. Hence, the header has changed...Ciudad Vieja and the center of town have a lot of photos to be shot. Lo haré a tiempo...

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