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The First Uruguayan Asado

I've experienced the Argentine asado; this weekend was the time to give it a go here in Uruguay. A good friend of mine invited me to their house, and the ritual commenced. Asados are similar to barbeques in the States. Except for a few basic things:

1) the meat is better

2) they actually happen (and frequently). I don't remember the last time I have gone to a BBQ back in the States...or even heard about one of my friends giving one - yes I do, about two years ago.

3) the meat is much better

I am not enough of a meat guy to differentiate between an Argentine and a Uruguayan asado, so I won't try. The meat is cooked very slowly, time is enjoyed with friends and family for hours (yesterday the asado started at 1pm and I left at 9pm), and then you eat.

Let me rephrase, you really eat (look at the photo on top - no one is even considering talking as the cooked food just arrived). It's hard to stop, and I love eating so I am a shoe-in for at least three [five] plates. I felt a bit like the cat at the asado must have been feeling.

Almost no part of the cow is wasted, hence a few strange pieces of meat await the asado-er. If you ever have the chance to experience a house asado, do not miss it. And make sure not to eat beforehand.

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