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El Pueblo de Montevideo

This morning, as every usual Tuesday morning, I went outside to say hi to Rosana (my veggie/fruit friend - that sounded weird), and of course had to say hi to my cheese man. He hooks me up with some strong cheese every week, making sure I taste it and approve it before the sell is made.

After I bought my usual tomatoes, onions and such, I had a meeting near the center of town. While I was walking to the meeting on the peatonal, an old man had just fallen down. I didn't see him fall, but I saw four people rushing to his aide. We all helped him up to his feet. Then the blood started coming down onto his shoes from inside his pants. He had a nasty gash on his leg. Three people sat him down on a chair and elevated his leg, while a woman and I went inside a local convenient store to call the paramedics while I looked for something that we could wrap around his leg.

The store attendant told me that he didn't have anything behind the counter. But, being Montevideo, he then said to grab a paper towel case from the shelves (without even thinking to charge me). I got outside and even more people were around the man, giving him water, while one guy was on his cell phone calling the paramedics, and others were making sure the older gentleman was doing OK mentally.

Even though I had to leave pretty quickly because I was late, I knew that the situation was in good hands with some good people in the city (town) here. And no, no picture here. I thought it would be considered EXTREMELY strange if I took a shot of the gash. But it was mean. Wow.

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