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Banking in Uruguay - BROU

Banco Republico de Uruguay is the bank to go to here in the country - or so my research has guided me to believe thus far. Its main office is located somewhere there in the picture I took yesterday (from "Cerro" - one of the "mountains" of Uruguay. But this doesn't say much because the highest altitude in the country is somthing like 1,500 feet). And today I finally got an account at the bank.

The process could take a little while, waiting in lines, getting some paperwork in order, and playing the beaucratic (sp?) game. Or you could meet a friend at the bank, have them introduce you to a manager type, then go back into the bank a few weeks later with the manager's name, and presto - you have a bank account with only showing your passport. Good stuff today.

And once again, at a public company, huge office type structure, the people were nothing but overly pleasant to speak with. Except for the lady helping me most of the time who said (in Spanish to her superior in front of me), "A foreigner? He doesn't understand Spanish and this is going to take forever." At this point I told them both not to lose focus just because of my SUPER gringo accent.

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