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Raped by a Uruguyan Taco Last Night

My friends and I were, by six of them actually. The three of us sat down for dinner at La Lupita's in Parque Rodó. The aesthetics were there, complete with outside tables and their Corona chairs on the sidewalk. And the cerviche was good - a bit sweet, but done nicely and enjoyed. I don't eat chips, but my friends enjoyed two baskets while we waited for the appetizers. And this brings us to the Mexican restaurant law I have grown up with (thanks Pops): if the chips in a Mexican restaurant are not up to par, there is no need to order an entree - leave. La Lupita passed this far.

Then came the real test...the tacos. Well, when they came out I was looking for my real entree. If I need to pick up my taco using my thumb and index finger alone, I immediately realize something is off. I realized something was off. Good flavor, but come on, Mexicans eat - give me something to put my hands around. Drinking a few Corona beers that were going for more than $2, ordering some small appetizers, pinching my three tiny tacos and the friends splitting a plate, the bill came out to around $40.

Dude, I am not in the States. That was obnoxious. Even if it is an "ethnic food" here, come on. Luckily though, I have already found my Mexican food haven in a few barrios away...along with the cool chef/owner who lived in Mexico for 12 years. He is the real deal. Here's a picture of Uruguay's real tacos from "El Parrillon".

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Meckenna said...

MEXICAN FOOD? Ok, Dom... sign me up.