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BROU: Round 2, but with El Abrojo

I spent probably a combined total of 1.5 hours today in two BROU branches off of the main street, 18 de Julio. The goal was simple: to make a deposit. Nothing more. I COULD NOT DO IT. I had to wait in line, with a number on a ticket that was 200 out. I couldn't do it, and I couldn't believe it. Does the bank not want my money? Sure, it was a busy day today, but this left me a bit shakey with BROU and their operation. I will report the search for a new bank, or the repairing of the brutal BROU blasphemy.

Then I waited another 1.5 hours in the Brazilian Embassy (yes, I am going to Brazil for a week in January!!!!!). And Uruguyans being Uruguayans, the people in the embassy office were laughing with (read: at) me and how my number was skipped more than a few times. But enough of the whining, and onto something a bit more interesting.

children montevideo las piedras el abrojo
Last night I went out to a town named Las Piedras. A friend of mine has been volunteering for El Abrojo - a volunteer after school-0day-care-type-joint. The kids were celebrating the end of the year, and it was a complete treat to be surrounded by the happy-go-lucky innocence and curiosity. And I think it happened - I took my favorite photo yet (above). This little girl was mesmerized by my camera, but also with me for some reason. It was a cool experience...with all of the kids at different moments in the evening. More photos to look at are here...just click.

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