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I trusted him. We spoke about mate, about his hometown of Colonia and how the colonial city is known for their cheese among other things, and then more about mate. But then came the realization that this taxi-man was taking me for a ride. A long one.

A trip that should have been 100 pesos cost me double. He kept on saying, ¨Algunas cuadras mas (a few more blocks).¨ It´s not the money that bothers me, it´s the thought of being lied to.

But still my buddy the bus is here for me. He never lies with his fare or his route. He stays true to himself and me. Oh my buddy.


Anonymous said...

How often do the taxis take you for a ride? It is an everyday occurrence or once in a while?

A friend always tells me that when a taxi does that (or forgets to use their meter) to request they take you to the closest police station!

Also if you can understand Spanish, you can request they radio in for the correct fare. That may result in a very angry driver that decides to charge you nothing rather than using the radio!

Anonymous said...

Considering twice a year I take about 100 cabs in a two weeks period (I live in Miami and visit my parents regularly) I can speak with authority. Pick a company and stick to them. I use the one you reach by dialling 141 from any phone. If you have a cell, register it with them so they honor the call and just give them your location. If you stop a cab in the street, you might get there sooner but as a foreigner, some of them will take you for a "ride". If you do not like something about the service,(smoking, not prompt enough, dirty taxi), call the company and give them the car ID number and they will take care of it . Trust me, i follow up and almost everytime they suspend them from getting calls for a few days. That hurts them financially and they learn.
Sorry about your bad experience. Hugo

Dominic said...

Wow, I wish I had spoken with you two before I took that trip. Would have saved me some money!

To answer a few, I don't take taxis often (for this reason). On the ride I realized that the route was different - the taxi man said that this was the way with less traffic lights. Then he took me to 'another' street with the same name.

But now I have all of the information I need to get a true taxi ride. Thanks guys!

Doc_Report said...

Wow, I hardly hablo a word and haven't been taken by a taxi. Even had one drive misunderstand my destination and when we both realized it he rest the meter.
Gave up on taxis awhile back and take the busses now. Even took the bus back from the airport the other day. 19 pesos versus 350+, I'll take the scenic route and a short hike : )

Dominic said...

Hey Doc,

Ya, I was surprised with this taxi guy. Too bad...but perhaps just one bad seed amongst some otherwise good taxi people!