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And I thought, a bit densely, that my meat consumption would decrease after the holidays. carne meat montevideo consumptionIt has jumped up a bit with all of the asados I have been lucky enough to partake in.

In case I failed to explain how much meat these people eat, I thought today´s visit to the grocery store a very fitting picture. Look at how much meat is being offered. When I took this picture it was after a gang of Uruguayans left as well. It was definitely the hot spot of the store.

No, this is not a butchery. This is behind the deli counter in the supermarket. Meat, tons of it.

And in another fitting note, the manager approached me and let me know that taking pictures of the meat was not permitted. I got a good chuckle out of that one. The all powerful meat - they don´t want to give their secrets away (justifiably right?).


N@(h!t0 said...

Hi, I'm From montevideo, and I didn't understand if you are living here now, or not :P
so, Welcome to uruguay...
If I can help you, just let me know ;)


Dominic said...

thanks for the welcome Nachito. yes, I live here now.

Lee said...

There is plenty more to Uruguay food than just beef and other meats... and that would be fresh fruits and veggies...

It would seem from some restaurant menus that such items are never eaten... but in contrast there seems to be a fruit/veggie store on almost every street corner... and the quality/price for fresh produce is good too.

So someone must be eating their veggies!

Dominic said...

Hey Lee! Agreed, and I have been eating some (occassion) fruits/veggies here. But I do think it says a lot of a place that serves up a fruit salad made of oranges, apples, and one piece of banana!

Doc_Report said...

Hey Dominic, another expat Montevideo Dominic here! But I go by "Doc".

I know about the carne carne carne thing! Try the nandu, ostrich family, they have it in the frozen speialty meats at Disco, slice it up thin and stir fry it, yum!