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Punta del Este

The famed Punta del Este. This place is hyped up to be a Miami - not of sorts, a real Miami-ish place. It is on the coast of Uruguay...about 2 hours outside of Montevideo. The rich, the famous, the VIPs hit up this resort beach town for rays in the day and an all night party with other famously rich people.

It pretty much lived up to the hype. The money flew around, the styles and showiness (i.e. one bar wanted some U$S 2,000 for a private table), and yes, some skimpy bathing suits.

I even ran into a guy that went to my high school back in Corona del Mar. He immediately began talking about the scene and the ways to get "in" and so on. I stopped listening pretty early on.

Punta del Este is a beautiful place, and there is a lot of action going on in the months of January to February. After that is when the locals like the place most...great weather, no loud "Argentines (as the locals say)", and beaches to themselves.

Glad I went, but not looking to go back any time soon!

But get this (sort of ironic): I am off to RIO tomorrow!!! Bring it on! I am very excited to say the least...but not sure how much I will be able to write up there.


Anonymous said...

Hi,hope you had a great time in Uruguay.How come you did not go to "Estadio Centenario".Named Historic Monument by the FIFA association.Futbol in Uruguay is the most popular sport and the Centenario Stadium has hold the First World Cup in 1930.Uruguay won the final game 2-1 against Argentina.If it happens that you have the opportunitty to go again try to go on February so you can see the Uruguayan Carnaval.Regards from Miami.Tomas

Anonymous said...

Sorry it was not 2-1 against Argentina it was 4-2.I was thinking about "EL MARACANAZO".Tomas