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Back to Yerba and Mate

Back to drinking mate in Uruguay. I didn't realize how much I missed it.

The life here in Montevideo, and even more so outside of the city, is so relaxing. But there is no samba that I have found so far...could be the next hunt (well, there probably is somewhere but I haven't seen it - if you know where it is please let me know).

It's nice to return to a place that feels so safe and comfortable. On that note, here are some of my articles published in the last month:

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And a couple that were delayed in getting published that came out last month:

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Anonymous said...

Here in the south there are only a few big samba groups (scola do samba) and are not as good as the real brazilian scolas. You know, our thing is the candombe, and samba is theirs. And samba is only one of their rythms, Brasil is a very big country and each region has its own music. Do a quick search about David Byrne+beleza tropical and you'll find out. It's a selection of some of Brazil musics by the former Talking Head...his taste is excelent!
However, in the north of Urguay in the towns along the borderline they speak portuñol, a mix of spanish and portuguese, they watch brazilian tv and support brazilian soccer teams. And of course have their samba groups on the carnival parade. But these are not very good. You can do it, go for the real thing and don't miss Rio Carnival! (but before attend our candombe parade, las llamadas, in the first days of february)
And write about it, of course :)
best regards

Dominic said...

Hey Mau,

Thanks for the info! I will definitely be here for the llamadas...looking forward to it.

If you have any other pieces of advice, I am all eyes....


Anonymous said...

you'll find samba every sunday evening (think it starts around 7ish) in parque rodo (the beach facing side)...they play the same songs in the same order every week so it may not be making it a regular thing but the first time is super uplifting :) enjoy the happy the music

Dominic said...

Beautiful. Thanks!