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Remnants of Rio

OK, the last post about Rio is here - maybe. There is a new guide out for visitors wanting to find the fun parts of the city and to go out. It's called Rio For Partiers. It has quickly made a lot of news in Rio.

It is a city guide that includes information on how to pick up Cariocas (people from Rio). Rio for Partiers breaks down the women into four groups, and how to address each one of them in order to get the desired result (more or less, it sounds like). Rio's Tourist Director wants it put out of circulation. The aunt of my friend (who is from Rio) told me how this depiction of Rio is false and how it brings in the bad tourists looking for one thing.

Fair enough and understood. But then later in the day, when we were eating lunch, the aunt told me that Cariocas use the word "comer" meaning to eat, but that it also means to have sex. Wow, that is some sort of relation there. Oh ya, and this is what I had to order for this lunch when I saw it:

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