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Country People in Rocha

I was in a part of Rocha to see a new beach and to hopefully have a few solid days of bodysurfing. But I didn't expect the wind to be there too. The waves were blown out, and the sand was annoyingly pecking at my skin on the first day.National Park San Miguel UruguayThe husband of the owner of my place there in the beachtown came over to my place to see if everything was alright.

We spoke of the wind, and the waves. In less than a minute I was invited to the San Miguel National Park on the border of Uruguay and Brazil - he was the head park ranger. I am not sure if it was the Uruguayan niceness in him that caused the invitation, or his sheer boredom in his cabin all alone in the wilderness of the park. But either way, I was thankful to see the park and get a bit of the history of the land.

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