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The Vibe of Uruguay

Lame title for this entry, but it rhymes so I went with it.

I think (hope) that it is easy to tell from my entries that I am a fan of the people, the culture, the land, and the language here in Uruguay. Here is a great place for many things.

But also, strange things happen here. For instance, today, I needed to speak with a judge. I was told that there is a free toll telephone number to call. I called it, and the line was busy. No cue to wait in. The line was busy. I national toll free number didn't have a waiting system set up for (perhaps) the many callers it receives.

Today I bought some blank CDs at a local store I went to before. The vendor, "These discs will be 8 pesos." 'But I bought blank discs last time for 6 pesos. Do you have anything less expensive here today?'. "Oh, yes we have those 6 peso discs, but we also have 4 peso discs as well if you would rather have those." Says something for the economy and ways of thought in Uruguay...I think at least.


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