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Hello 2009 - Post Fesitivity Times

So the holiday season flew by - a visit to Salto for some great asado and better company, a return to Montevideo for New Year's celebration (which sincerely reminded me of Marti Gras in New Orleans in the Mercado del Puerto) along with another beautifully orchestrated asado hosted by a friend's brilliant family. More and more and more food. Ahh the food. I haven't eaten as much meat in a matter of two weeks in my whole life. No joke.

The above picture is an asado ordered at a restaurant here in Montevideo - for two people it was suggested. TWO? No wonder some of the Uruguayans are a bit bigger. That was some serious work...entertaining, satisfying, interesting, filling work.

After a few asados I got to the point where I stopped asking what it was that I was chewing on. Some pieces were a bloody mix of cow parts (some made with adding sugar, food asado montevideothe others with salt), kidneys, liver, intestine, and other parts I am sure. The picture to the left is some chimichurri sauce, a kidney, and something from the cow's head region. But please correct me if you recognize something different...which is entirely possible.

Again, wow. I am stuffed, and I haven't even eaten today.

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