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Peatonal Sarandi Times

walking street sarandi peatonal montevideo
The walking street of Ciudad Vieja - where I have, more times than less, fabian peatonal sarandi montevideodesignated my living room...or at least my patio. When I walk down the street I find myself stopping in a few areas for some mate and conversations - an hour goes by before I realize that I actually was headed somewhere? Fabian (to the right) constantly exchanging ideas with tourists and locals alike, Mr. Payaso (above) playing his flute while also getting a ride out of making kids smile, and Alberto (below) teaching curious children the correct way to roll a cigarrette. What?

peatonal sarandi walking street montevideo
Property rights in the States versus here in Uruguay, foundations of Masonic architecture, and a little quick insight into one of the classical music movements (that I can't remember now) have littered the conversations on this street. My friends (now) and people that I have met on this stretch of a few blocks have taught me a little bit about this, a little about that, but also about life in the grander scheme of things. I am not exaggerating.

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Anonymous said...

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