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Carnival Montevideo 2009 Still Going

OK, this is a long time to be "partying" with Carnival's rhythms right? But truth be told, all of the big parades are early in February. On the day that the official Carnival is at its peak (today), and yesterday when everyone was on vacation as well due to Carnival, there is NOTHING going on (kind of like the excitement in this girl's face when I took a picture in one of the little neighborhood parades). Businesses are closed, the streets are quiet, there are no huge parades or crazy spectacles. It's an odd silence. Then I found out that people go to the beach and have make-do Carnivals there.

So off I go to La Pedrera for a night (because I need to be back in town tomorrow). I don't have a place to stay, I don't know anyone, and I don't really have a plan yet. Should be interesting. If you are reading this, live in La Pedrera, and would like to offer your couch, please don't delay in texting me at 099 654 905. Si vives en La Pedrera y no te molestaria si me quedaria en tu casa hoy, por favor hagame un texto al numero arriba.

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