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Carnival Montevideo 2009 Finished...Sort Of

One quick note: if you are in Uruguay and looking to find the latest Carnaval celebrations, don't wait until the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. I.E. when I arrived to La Pedrera on Tuesday expecting to see a Carnaval send-off for the night, I saw group after group of people leaving the beach town headed back to Montevideo.

la pedrera carnaval carnivalThe town was dead, the streets were completely empty (save the remnants of the previous night's fiesta), and the last Carnaval celebrations are on the Monday night before Ash Wednesday. Oh well, some other year I will return.

But then again, I am in Montevideo and their Carnaval times continue with the Tablados showcasing Murga, Humoristas, Pariodistas, and more continuing into March. Vamos adelante...

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