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The Dictatorship (Dictadura) in Uruguay

Officially beginning in 1973 and lasting until 1985, the Uruguayan dictatorship existed. There was murdering, torturing, political imprisonment, and an ugly life experienced for the normal citizen. This wasn't 60 years ago removed by multiple generations. It wasn't even a generation ago, depending on how you calculate generations.

I don't pretend to know 10% of this history, as I am just beginning to learn of the Uruguayan regime. For me, it is absolutely horrifying and selfishly intriguing to learn of Uruguay's dictatorship and its affects on today's society.
el circulo dictadura dictatorship uruguay
I saw El Circulo last night (the picture above is showing Henry Engler, the ex prisoner that the documentary follows). It was moving. It was real. It was just a few years ago that this nasty life existed with throwing prisoners into wells until they were pulled up to be tortured. After the ending credits rolled, and the lights of the movie theatre came on, I looked around at the audience. They did not get up. All of them, all of them, sat there for a good few moments with their respective thoughts. It was sincerely a moving moment.

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